Smarts & crafts

We know what we’re best at. They’re the things we’re known for too.

Our history of award-winning one-to-one communications and campaigns has shaped our specialisms.

We began life as Christian Brann – named after our founder, a.k.a. the ‘Godfather of Direct Marketing’. And we got to be known as the ‘University of Direct Marketing’.

Today, we’re Havas helia – a customer engagement agency. It’s still all about one-to-one conversations with consumers. But, just as the way people interact with brands has changed, we’ve evolved too. So what we do is always relevant.

Working together with our clients has helped to give us Innovative data strategies, loyalty apps and... and it’s why clients choose to stick with us.

What we do



We dream up and craft disruptive ideas that change the way people behave. First we think, then we do – with art direction, copywriting and design bringing our compelling concepts to life.



In a fickle world, repeat custom comes from meaning more – being helpful, personal and making a difference in the world. And when it comes to loyalty, we’re adept at building relationships that reward customers beyond points and prizes.



With ever-changing ways for people to interact, we use real insights to map out touchpoints that are timely and relevant. So wherever a customer is at in their relationship with your brand, we spark and strengthen the love.


Content planning

For every content strategy, we nod to our Meaningful Brands study – communicating Functional, Personal and Collective benefits. It gives brands wider meaning and contextual relevance in their customers’ lives.



We harness the power of social, web, video, display and rich mobile experiences to engage customers and maximise brand interactions. This ranges from UX that improves usability and accessibility to design that triggers desire.


Tech + innovation

Whatever tech platform you’re using, we’ll help you get the most from it. We can identify how to connect and integrate data to deliver insight-led personal brand moments... from single customer views and market automation integrations to standalones like data access portals, websites and apps.



We offer consultancy and secure data-asset management, along with advanced analytics that explain our data findings. Then we’ll design a solution around these insights and the need of the business.

Want to work with us?

If you or your brand would like to be part of what we do, get in touch.

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